Hola, hosgeldiniz, bienvenue, dobrodan, salaam alaikum.  Lovely to have you drop by.  Cup of tea?  Gin & tonic?


So, well, I write a bit.  Travel too.  I've also been known to dabble in PR and media strategy.


Who for?  The Times, pretty often.  Sometimes glossies - Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Elle, Conde Nast Traveller.  I write for tourist boards and in-flight magazines; editorial, advertorial, whatever-you'd-like-to-pay-me-for-orial. 


If you're interested in what my words might be able to do for you, get in touch.  


Right now, though, it's all about this...

'A pacy, engaging tale of human weakness and passion so overwhelming, it can make fools of us all."

                                                                   DAILY EXPRESS


Three friends.  A decade of friendship.  And a move to an unfamiliar city that will threaten everything they know.


An intense, psychological novel set in the atmospheric souks of Marrakech, and the wealthy streets of Doha.



Published April 5 (Quercus, £14.99)


Published in paperback on July 12 (£8.99)






Looking forward to chatting to Amanda Craig about her new novel, The Lie of the Land at the Steyning Festival on Friday June 1.  Tickets still available.



And very excited about the biannual Ditchling Fair, on June 17th, when I'll be in the Spoken Word Tent, talking about the transition from travel writing to novels, in 'A Mongoose in my Bedroom.'


What Lies Within is currently available in TPB and E-book, and will be published in paperback on July 12. 

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