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Communications.  PR.  Brand Management.  Whatever you want to call it, the job is the same - brilliant writing, well-thought through strategy and a bulging contacts book.  I've managed media campaigns, built event profiles and helped re-define long-existing brands. 


Below are a few of the companies I've been lucky enough to work for.  If you're interested to know what I can do for you, please get in touch.



Working as HODS Media Manager, I was involved with all aspects of promoting and developing the UK's largest heritage festival (part of the National Trust).  Co-created social media and PR campaigns, ran PR workshops, gave media interviews and managed a number of local spokespeople.  Visitor numbers increased by around 1 million over the four-year period I was part of the team (not that I'm taking exclusive credit for that, obviously...)


Working as PR manager for VE, which focused on domestic tourism, I was involved in tourism strategy, involving stakeholders and partners in media campaigns, writing press releases and creating an informal, vibrant voice for the brand 


Counting the days until publication of THE ENEMY OF LOVE out in hardback on April 13 and in paperback in October.  Pre-order now!


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