Travel Journalism

It's the dream job, right?


Er, yes, actually.  Well, most of the time.  I've no desire to be stranded at the top of a mountain in Oman again, or discover I'm sharing my bedroom with a mongoose in the middle of the Fijian night...but these are quality problems.


I've spent almost twenty years travelling the globe for a variety of titles, including the Times, Sunday Times Travel Magazine, the Guardian, Conde Nast Traveller, Elle, the Express, BA High Life, The Telegraph...


If you were to push me I'd guess my specialisms are North Africa & the Middle East, the States and Europe.  And pockets of Asia.  Short-haul my heart belongs to Turkey & Morocco.  Long-haul, it's Oman, New Zealand, Singapore.


55 countries down and I feel I've barely started.  This year I finally made it to India.  Now there's a place...




Looking forward to chatting to Amanda Craig about her new novel, The Lie of the Land at the Steyning Festival on Friday June 1.  Tickets still available.


And very excited about the biannual Ditchling Fair, on June 17th, when I'll be in the Spoken Word Tent, talking about the transition from travel writing to novels, in 'A Mongoose in my Bedroom.'


What Lies Within is currently available in TPB and E-book, and will be published in paperback on July 12. 

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